A little bit

more about me...

Passionate about serving as a guide in the transformation of the Being

I am the very expression of what it is to be Metapotential....

Father of Pedro, partner of Taís Cardoso, who is a therapist and runs Casa Alendô.

For years Professor of Construction Materials at one of the main universities in Brazil, in the Engineering course, without being a Civil Engineer.

​I left the distant and wonderful municipality of Santa Helena de Minas, lived in Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Dublin in Ireland, visited countless countries, learned to speak other languages ​​and now live in São Paulo... I serve and guide people from all over the world. ...

I was a Catholic seminarian (here I started studying Spirituality and Psychology), I studied Business Administration, Marketing, Sales, Technological Innovations, I became a businessman... I'm a Radio Broadcaster with a professional record from Senac-SP, how great!

I worked as an executive in national and multinational giants, from Financial Institutions to the Footwear Industry, from Civil Construction to Communication, from the Chemical Industry to the Internet segment....

The multiple experiences gave me the opportunity to put into practice in my own life the methods and practices I use today to develop people.

And there's something that I've always studied, worked and sought to know: the Human Being and the mysteries that surround him... and so it will be forever....

Already in adolescence, he was consulted by colleagues or in the youth group for guidance. Then came sales training, the study of Psychoanalysis, Sociology, Philosophy, Astrology, Mythology, Initiatory Orders, NLP, Reiki, Numerology, Tarot, Kabbalah, Homeopathy, Family Constellation, the Florals, Quantum Physics. Ufa!

And this access to the infinite source of knowledge never ends to better understand the Mystery of Being... because there is no ready-made recipe, each Being is unique with unique needs according to its Individuality and the moment of its life experience... Being and being consciously present in the Here and Now is a great tip!

let's practice?...

Some Certifications

  • Bachelor in Business Administration ESAN/FGV.

  • Post Graduated in Marketing at IBMEC/INSPER.

  • Master's Degree in Housing from IPT/USP.

  • Member of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) - www.isarastrology.org

Some Qualifications
  • 7th class of Integrative Care at UNIFESP.

  • Complete training with Nilton Schutz.

  • Reikiano and Quantum Therapist for Humaniversity .

  • More than 10,000 assistances performed in over 11 years of professional activity as a mentor.